New Inclinometer Compass Car Accessories

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New Inclinometer Compass Car Accessories;

New Inclinometer Compass Car Accessories Inclination Tool Level Wave Instrument DY119

Product Information:
1.Material: ABS.
2.Color: Black.
3.Package Includes:1 Pcs New Vehicle Compass.

Product Feature:
1.It can accurately show the exact degree downhill, uphill.
2.Can be detailed positioning the slope angle of the left or right.
3.Adjustable stand can be installed in any position, as long as you can maintain a balance.
4.As a product which can measuring car tilt and elevation angle and car body rotation angle. This compass can monitor the car body rotation angle at any time and provide the data of slope and inclination for you to know more about the road conditions when you are driving.
5.Streamlined design with beautiful appearance, compact and light weight.
6.The best workmanship and design, is the best choice for your journey.

1.The base comes with adhesive easy to install.
2.Can be attached to the interior of the car to facilitate observation of any place.
3.Place the car on a level surface and then manual adjustment to the level surface.

1.Left and right oblique side can not exceed 40 degrees, otherwise there will be dangerous.
2.Due to the influence of gravity, when your car is accelerating or decelerating, the instrument may have errors.

Packaging includes:
1 x Car Inclinometer Compass



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