Car DVD Radio Player WiFi 16g For Nissan TOYOTA Volkswagen

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 Car DVD Radio Player WiFi 16g For Nissan TOYOTA Volkswagen;

2 din android6.0 Car DVD Radio Player WiFi 16g For Nissan TOYOTA Volkswagen universal GPS Navigation Maps 1024X600

5 Iso power cables can choose:

Which Cable fit your car? Please choose. ^_^

① Universal cable. ② For Toyota Power Cable. ③ For Nissan Power Cable. ④ Fow VW ISO Power Cable. ⑤ Fow Honda Power Cable.


Installation Tips:

1. Check there is no damage on the packing you received.
2. Check there is no damage on products.
3. Test functions before install into your car; use 12-14v power supply connect and check functions.
4. Check your car information carefully,you can refer our wire detail information .
NOTE: To make sure it can work well with your car, please try to make a test with our installation tips strictly.
Q:If this car dvd can fit your car?
A:Please check your automotive center stack’s size first, our car dvd’s size is 180mm x 103mm. if its size is the same as our car dvd’s size, you can order this car dvd.
Q:The wires can’t fit my car ?
A:Please offer me your car model,year, and the picture like me shows,we will check for you .

Q:If it can support disk play?
A:This product does not support disk play,hope you can understand.

Q:How can I set the canbus?
A:Click Steering wheel—-Start—-According to the car control button find the corresponding function in the screen to set.

Q: The sounds is very low even turn the volume to the largest?
A: It is a matter of speaker’s power. The speaker’s power that this product supports is 4*25W.
Please check your car speaker power. If it is larger than 4*25W, you need to connect your speaker by IC. It can’t connect directly.

Q:How to restore factory settings ?
A:Click settings—-car settings—-Reset factory —-Password:16176699.

Q: Can’t connect Bluetooth?
A: Please understand every country limited a range of Bluetooth available to use. If your Bluetooth version is not available, you can’t use it. Normally, the latest Bluetooth version can work well.

Q:How to place the GPS module?
A:When you connect it ,please put the GPS module place on the center console.



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